1526138_10153708687350221_2111864013_n“I view my artwork through the lens of everyday conversations, observations, and emotional responses to my surroundings.  Photo-poetry, for me, defines what I observe,  allowing me to express a “local” worldview  in simple words.

Art and poetry surround us. In our everyday lives of the mundane, many of us don’t take the time to actually think about our surroundings and how they may reflect our personal, as well as collective lives.

What, for example, does graffiti tell us aside from the initial, visceral thought that it’s simply vandalism?

What is that subtle spiritual prodding I sense when watching a sunset?

What are others missing on their journeys when their eyes, minds, and hands are wrapped around this technological world?

My objective is to encourage others to take a few minutes each day to reflect quietly, thoughtfully, and viscerally about their surroundings and emotions using only their eyes, ears, and minds.

Reflection, after all, is poetry and art.”

~Rick Burnett Baker