Rick Burnett Baker

“Never second guess your creation. Never underestimate your ability for re-creation.” ~RB


Rick Burnett Baker:  “On The Edge of An Island”

A Photographic Narrative Celebrating the Raffles Bicentennial In The Republic of Singapore

[Singapore, January 2019] – Rick Burnett Baker is excited to announce a photographic narrative project beginning in late January of 2019 that will coincide with the Raffles Bicentennial in the Republic of Singapore.  Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles of the British East India Company landed on the island on January 29, 1819.  There are events scheduled throughout the year in Singapore to commemorate the founding by Sir Raffles and others of modern Singapore.

Baker has a 40-year history with the island nation, having been based there while working through East  Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Northern Africa between 1976 and 1985.

Baker will literally walk and hike the perimeter of the island as close to the shore as geographically possible.  Singapore has approximately 120 miles of coastline, and Baker estimates that the walk will actually cover between 150 and 200 miles total. 

Through his photography, commentary, stories, and poetry, Baker will create a discussion of how we view the touchstones of our past, how we cope with changes to our physical environment over time, and what we can do to create new touchstones in a dynamic, ever-evolving future.  He will photographically document the areas along the coastline that younger generations can compare with future changes to the physical landscape in Singapore. 

This project will include interviews with people along the way, their stories, and artistic representations with his photographs and writings of what he has described as ‘The Overlay of Touchstones & Time’.  Readers and viewers can follow this journey on www.pluginto.life, www.ontheedgeofanisland.com, and on On The Edge Of An Island Facebook page.

Baker is a member of the NPPA (National Press Photographers Association).  He was formerly partnered with premier Rochester NY multi-award winning photographer Jim Montanus, who stated, “Rick does more than just take outstanding photographs. His unique perspective and creativity invites you to participate in the story within the photographs.” 

Mr. Bob Stehler, co-founder of WNY Photowalkers photography group in Rochester NY added, “Rick is a multifaceted artist. He effortlessly combines beautiful images with equally beautiful words.”

Rick Burnett Baker, a native Texan, holds a BA degree in Asian Studies and Classical Chinese Literature, a Graduate Certificate in US Urban Policy, and a Masters (MRP) in Regional and Urban Planning. His masters thesis was a discussion of nation building in Singapore.

Baker published his first book of photography and original poetry titled ‘bird can sing’  in 2016. Since 2013 he has exhibited his photography and writing in shows titled ‘Potentials of Us’, ‘Letchworth State of Mind’, and ‘The Architecture of Grief and Redemption’

Past shows:

  • “Potentials of Us” 2013, Aviv Gallery, Rochester NY
  • “Letchworth State of Mind” 2016 Press Coffee, Rochester NY
  • “The Architecture of Grief and Redemption” 2017, Montanus Gallery, Rochester NY

About Rick

  • Rick Burnett Baker:  Former partner at Montanus Gallery, Rochester NY
  • Rick’s photography published in:

    • 2016 New York Finger Lakes Travel Guide

    • 2019 New York Finger Lakes Adventure Guide, Livingston County, NY

  • Book of original photography and poetry. “bird can sing”  by Rick Burnett Baker  Published October, 2016, Bootstrap Publishing, Rochester NY.  Available for order through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers.

Press Contact

If you would like more information about this showing, or to schedule an interview with Mr. Baker, please contact Michelle Ames at 585-749-5059 or through email at michelle@marketedbymichelle.com.

Or contact Rick directly here.